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Packing tips for traveling to Vietnam

Packing tips for traveling to Vietnam

Bring as little as possible, Vietnam has pretty much anything you can find back home. Necessary documents: your  passport and  visa (with their copies); 2 photos (3cmx4cm), tour dossier (tour itinerary, address of travel agent or travel company operator, contact number… ) and others (if needed). Cash in US$5’s, US$10’s, US$20’s and US$100’s (US dollars […]

Hue Perfume River

Hue city is famous for its romance and charming beauty, and Perfume River is one of its outstanding. For tourists visited Hue once remarked after their trip is Perfume River, they said that: Your trip would no be completed if you did not have a boat excursion on the Perfume River, you can not feel […]

Thien Cam Beach

Thien Cam Beach is located in Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Province. The beach’s beautiful landscape has been created by the low mountains in proximity to the sea. Thien Cam Beach is about 20km far from Ha Tinh town. It is separated from the mountain foot by a sandbank. Coming there, visitors will have chance […]