Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Cu Lao Cham

Vietnam has many islands; one of them is regarded as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It is Cu Lao Cham or Cham Island. Here, tourists can partake in sight-seeing or just enjoy the under-sea beauty. Cu Lao Cham belonging to Hoi An town in Quang Nam province comprises of eight islets including the Lao, […]

Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa Citadel is suited next to Phong Khe, far from west of Hanoi 20kms. It comes back to ancient Vietnam. There are many impressive towers, relics and ruins. It is an important land in Northern Vietnam. It is steeped in myth and legend, making it an important landmark in northern Vietnam. The castle inside […]

HCM City explores new routes for river tourism

The HCMC tourism authority will survey a new tourist route upstream the  to the neighboring province of Dong Nai early next month as the city government on Monday gave approval, an official said. HCM City yacht society in the offering Vietnam Airlines offers more flights to tourism destinations Nguyen Viet Anh, head of the Travel […]

Requirements for leaving Vietnam

Like traveling by plane or by boat, one important thing you should keep in mind before leaving Vietnam is: making sure that your visa is still valid on your date of exit, otherwise you will get fined by the customs office for residing in Vietnam illegally. In case your visa already expires on the exit […]

Vietnamese Nationalities

Currently, Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups, among which Kinh (Viet) account for nearly 90% of the whole population, the other 53 other groups make up over 10%. The Vietnamese country was made up through two major previous cultures, the Chinese culture and Indian culture. Thus a peculiar trait of Vietnam’s culture was formed. As […]

Vietnamese special food

Nem ran (Spring roll) Nem ran (called cha gio in the south) is a much-appreciated speciality, although it is very easy to prepare. Since long ago, nem ran has been a familiar dish on the menu at all households during the New Year’s festivities, at family parties, and at receptions. The stuffing of the nem […]