Quang Ninh Overview

Quang Ninh province is located in Vietnam’s Northeast region. The province borders Lang Son and Bac Giang province to the west, Hai Duong province and Hai Phong city to the Northwest.

The province has total area of about 8,239.243 square km, including 5,899.2 square km of land.

Quang Ninh’s population is 1,078.9 thousand people. There are 21 ethnic groups, mostly are Kinh, Dao, Tay, San Diu, San Chi, Hoa People.

Quang Ninh province has a provincial city (Halong City), 3 towns (Cam Pha, Mong Cai, Uong Bi), eight districts (Ba Che, Binh Lieu, Dam Ha Dong Trieu Hai Ha, Bo, Tien Yen, Yen Hung) and two island districts (Co, Van Don).

The province’s climate is tropical monsoon. Summer’s weather is hot. Winter’s weather is cold, dry and low rainfall.  The annual temperature is about 210C. The average humidity is 84%.

Quang Ninh province has many rivers and streams, but most of them are short, small and steep slope. Flow of water is 1.45 m3 / s in dry season, but it ups to 1,500 m3 / s in rainy season

Quang Ninh province has most kinds of Vietnam’s seafood. Besides, the province has pearl, abalone, sea turtle, oysters, clams, etc.

The province is famous for coal with coal mine 150 km in length. Quang Ninh has three coal mine center listed as Hon Gai and Cam Pha – Huy Duong and Uong Bi – Mao Khe. In addition, mineral building material is also important mineral of Quang Ninh including limestone, clay, cement, clay brick manufacture, sand, etc.

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