Thanh Hoa Province Overview

Thanh Hoa province is located in the North Central Vietnam. The province borders Son La, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh province to the North, Nghe An province to the South, Hua Phan to the West and East Sea to the East.  The province is 153km from Hanoi, 62km from Ninh Binh, and 139km from Vinh (Nghe An).

The province has a total area of 11,136.3 square km with a population of 3,680.4 thousand people. The province’s administration is divided into towns: Sam Son, Bim Son and districts: Muong Lat, Quan Hoa, Quan Son, Ba Thuoc, Cam Thuy, Lang Chanh, Thach Thanh, Ngoc Lac, Thuong Xuan, Nhu Xuan, Nhu Thanh, Vinh Loc, Ha Trung, Nga Son, Yen Dinh, Tho Xuan, Hau Loc, Thieu Hoa, Hoang Hoa, Dong Son, Trieu Son, Quang Xuong, Nong Cong, Tinh Gia.

Thanh Hoa’s terrain is various. It is divided into three distinct areas:
- Mountainous and midland area (839,037 ha) account for 75.44% of the province’s area. The average height of the mountain is from 600 to 700m. The average slope is between 15 and 20oC.

-  The delta has an area of ​ 162,341 ha, accounting for 14.61% of the province’s area. It is accreted by Ma, Bang, Yen and Hoat River. The delta’s height is from 5 to 15 m.

-  The coastal zone covers an area of ​​110,655 ha, accounting for 9.95% of the province’s area, with 102 km coastline. There are many immense areas using for aquaculture and economy marine services.


Thanh Hoa’s transportation is very advantage. The National Highway No.1A and North-South Express Train run through province. There are National Highway No.15 linking to Nghe An and National Highway No.217 connecting to Laos via Na Meo Bordergate.


Thanh Hoa province has great potentials for developing tourism with thousands of famous sites such as Sam Son beach, Hai Tien resort (Hoang Hoa), Hai Hoa (Tinh Family), Ben En National Park. The advantages of transportation and hospitality of Thanh Hoa people, in addition, are also factors attracting a lot of visitors inside and outside Vietnam.

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