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Pho, Goi cuon among world’s most delicious foods

Pho, Goi cuon among world’s most delicious foods

The humble Pho (traditional noodle soup) and Goi cuon (summer roll) have made it to US television channel CNN’s list of the “World’s 50 most delicious foods.” If you are in Vietnam, these delicious foods are things not to miss. CNNGo programme says Pho and Goi cuon are some dishes that “you eat to stay […]

Quang Ninh Overview

Quang Ninh Overview

Quang Ninh province is located in Vietnam’s Northeast region. The province borders Lang Son and Bac Giang province to the west, Hai Duong province and Hai Phong city to the Northwest. The province has total area of about 8,239.243 square km, including 5,899.2 square km of land. Quang Ninh’s population is 1,078.9 thousand people. There […]

Thanh Hoa Province Overview

Thanh Hoa province is located in the North Central Vietnam. The province borders Son La, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh province to the North, Nghe An province to the South, Hua Phan to the West and East Sea to the East.  The province is 153km from Hanoi, 62km from Ninh Binh, and 139km from Vinh […]

Four Vietnamese hotels join world’s top list

The US Travel and Leisure magazine’s January 2011 edition has honored four Vietnamese hotels in the list of top 500 hotels worldwide. The four hotels are the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, the Caravelle, the Park Hyatt Saigon and the Hilton Hanoi Opera. The annual selection, the ninth of its kind, was conducted based on votes […]

Nha Trang’s transportation

Nha Trang has rather developed infrastructure system. Located on the important transport line of the country (North-South traffic system), Nha Trang is convenient for tourists to visit by road, air, rail and port way. Here listed some necessary information about the means of transportation for tourists travelling to Nha Trang city: By road * The […]

Museums in Hanoi

The Ethnology Museum (08.30 to 12.30, and 13.30 to 16.30, Entrance fee is 25,000 VND for Vietnamese and foreign tourists) Location The Museum is suited in Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay district; Transportation It takes twenty minutes by taxi from the city center. There are three bus lines in Hanoi passing by the museum: No […]

Vietnamese Architecture

Coming to Vietnam, one of the remarkable things to foreigners may be the Architecture of the countries. Regardless of the influence of many western elements, visitors still can sense architecture of Vietnamese flavors. The original Vietnamese architecture should be originated from from the Kings Hung dynasty. At that time, the main material for building house […]

Vietnamese Markets

Countryside markets Many communes in rural Vietnam feature countryside markets (cho que). There are two main types of countryside market: the fair and the evening market. Fairs are held periodically. For example, it may be held on days with the numbers three and eight, which would imply fairs on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd and […]

Vietnamese Nationalities

Currently, Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups, among which Kinh (Viet) account for nearly 90% of the whole population, the other 53 other groups make up over 10%. The Vietnamese country was made up through two major previous cultures, the Chinese culture and Indian culture. Thus a peculiar trait of Vietnam’s culture was formed. As […]

Vietnamese special food

Nem ran (Spring roll) Nem ran (called cha gio in the south) is a much-appreciated speciality, although it is very easy to prepare. Since long ago, nem ran has been a familiar dish on the menu at all households during the New Year’s festivities, at family parties, and at receptions. The stuffing of the nem […]

Vietnamese Money through Time

New coins were minted by every new dynasty in the East. But kings were not the only ones to issue their own money… For the four short days of the year 1521 in which his contemporaries called him “King,” Tran Cao did one major thing to commit his name to posterity: he minted his own […]

Vietnam’s official name

The country history began in Bronze Age when the Vietnam tribe group did settle down in a part of Central Vietnam and the whole North. At that time, there were only around 15 sub-tribes of Lac Viet living in the highland in the North and Delta, and around twelve sub-tribes living in Northern of Vietnam. […]