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Ha Tinh Climate

Ha Tinh Province is located in the tropical monsoon region. The province is influenced by climatic transition of The North and South with typical tropical climate of The South, so the weather is extreme. Ha Tinh province’s climate is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy season. The average temperature between winter and summer is […]

Ha Tinh Overview

Ha Tinh province stretches from 17°54′ to 18°50′ North latitude and from 103°48′ to 108°00′ East longitude. It borders Nghe An province to the North, Quang Binh province to the South, Laos to the West, and the East Sea to the East. It is about 340 km from the province to Hanoi capital. High mountains […]

Thien Cam Beach

Thien Cam Beach is located in Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Province. The beach’s beautiful landscape has been created by the low mountains in proximity to the sea. Thien Cam Beach is about 20km far from Ha Tinh town. It is separated from the mountain foot by a sandbank. Coming there, visitors will have chance […]