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Quang Ngai Transportations

Quang Ngai Transportations

Train Quang Ngai province is a stop on the main train line. The station is located at the edge of town at the end of Hung Vuong Street. Having many kinds of train, you can choose as your desire. The price depends on which type of train you catch. The SE trains are faster and […]

Quang Ngai’s Climate

Quang Ngai province is located in tropical monsoon region. The province’s climate has the features of central region’s climate. The province has two seasons: The winter and the summer. It is less cold in winter. The average temperature is 190C. In summer, the it is 280C. The highest temperature is 41.4 0C The rainy season […]

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is located on 24B Highway, about 15km to the east of Quang Ngai City, 24 km to the north of Hoi An town, and near Sa Ky port. It has been voted as one of six the sexiest beaches and one of ten favorite destinations in Asia. My Khe beach is a […]