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Harvest Festival

After harvesting the rice crops, the Harvest Festival is held by every family of Phu Yen ethnic minorities. The festival takes place in center place or spiritual one, which is attached to a historical event or a hometown’s legend. The Harvest Festival’s purpose gives thanks to the rice gods, pray for the villages’ peace, and […]

Long Tong Festival

Long Tong Festival is the most important festival of New Year, associated with agriculture, held in the village to pray for the peace and prosperity. The festival was originated since many years ago. It is passed from generations to generations. Long Tong festival is annually held in Vinh Loc town, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang […]

Chol Chnam Thmay Festival

The Chol Chnam Thmay Festival is the biggest festival of the Khmer people. It is held at the pagodas and local homes. It is the New Year festival of the Khmer people as Tet of the Viet people. The festival is prepared very carefully. Khmer people clean and redecorate their house and buy necessary food […]

Doan Ngo Festival

According to ancient opinion, Doan Ngo Festival is also called Doan Duong Festival. Doan means the start, Ngo can be understood as noon or the seventh animal of the Chinese zodiac- the horse. Besides, the Doan Ngo festival is also known as Tet Sau Bo (Worms Festival) or May Festival, which to be celebrated on […]

Mid- Autumn Festival

Tet Trung Thu (Mid- Autumn Festival) is one of the most popular festivals in Vietnam.  It is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. The festival is considered Tet Trong Trang (moon looking festival) of children. It is a date that the moon is at its fullest and roundest. The traditional food […]

Festivals in Da Lat

Embroidery Festival Annually, on lunar June 12th, 13th people in Da Lat city organize the festival to the remark the contribution of Mr. Le Cong Hanh, embroidery founder. It is also the festival of embroidery artists and workers. On the main road into the Valley of Love, resorts “Da Lat and the arts” are arranged […]

Hung King festivals

Legend associated with the Hung Kings For a long time ago, Lac Long Quan (King Dragon of the land of Lac) had power strength; he wanted to live near water. He succeeded to the throne of his father, and governed the Lac-Viet tribe.  One day, the King of the Northern tribe, De Lai with his […]