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A “cultural death” threatens Vietnam’s tourism

A “cultural death” threatens Vietnam’s tourism

VietNamNet Bridge – The tourism industry has developed robustly in recent years and it has tried to take advantage of Vietnamese landscape and cultural identity to serve tourists. However, unorganized and unfriendly exploitation has unintentionally killed “cultural beauties”. Lach people have developed tourism based on their unique culture. However, their culture is being commercialized and […]

Weather in Da Lat Overview

Da Lat’s weather and natural scenery create its hidden charm. It is famous for not only the waterfalls, hills but also the unique climatic regions. In addition, some special trees can bee found here. Although Da Lat is in the middle of tropical weather, it characterizes the local topography. There fore, it has cool temperatures […]

The valley of Love in Dalat

The Valley of Love is 5km north of Da Lat, Vietnam. Its former name is Valley of Peace. In 1972 with the creation of lake Da Thien, its name was changed. The Valley of Love is in the temperate central highlands of Vietnam. The cool temperatures attract natives and tourists to the area. The temperature […]