Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai beach, one of the most beautiful spots in Quang Nam, is located about 5 kilometers away from the town of Hoi An.  It is famous for long sandy beaches and blue water. What a charming beauty is!

Cua Dai is highlighted by the magnificent buildings, the new resort areas. It is surrounded by the colorful flowers. The wild flowers, in road side, look like butterflies; orchids are deep in the night mist or bamboos soaring in the blue sky. In addition, the environment is very peaceful and relaxing.

From the hotels, you can open windows with balconies overlooking the sea to see the dawn.

Afternoon is the best time for you to immerse yourself in the sea. Moreover, people feel more fresh and comfortable as standing in the seashore.

You can also seat on the sand beach for hours, listen to the sea breeze, or play with everyone.  Tourists are very interested in building the sand towers and then they are melted by the waves.

Particularly, Cua Dai beach’s water in the morning is green, it is turned into blue in the afternoon, which increased hidden charm of the sea.

There are many kinds of fishing, one of the most interesting of Cua Dai beach, visitors can fish close to the bank or rent a small ship to enjoy it.

Roaming around this pristine beach is a charming experience. Walking through the white sand of the beach is awesome. You can reach this pleasant beach only in few minutes by riding a bicycle. Except this natural beauty, the Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An also holds many resorts and hotels. Some of these resorts are Dong An Beach Hotel, Glory Hotel, Hoi An Trails Resort, Indochine Hotel Hoi An, Phu Thinh 2 Hotel, Swiss – Belhotel Golden Sand Resort and so on. All these resorts are located in the center of the Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An. You may stay in these hotels so that you can spend some peaceful time in the lap of the beach.

With its own features, Cua Dai beach creats unforgettable feeling as leaving here.

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