Ba Na Chua Mount

Ba Na – Chua Mount Tourist Area is located in Hoa Vang District, 40km from the southwest of Danang City. The mountain stands at the altitude of 1,487m above sea-level. It   has an average annual temperature from 17 0C to 20 0C.

In Ba Na, guests will feel the distinct four seasons in one day:  spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night. Especially, we can watch the rain around top of the mountain but it is always dry and cool atmosphere in the rainy days. From ledges of the mountain, visitors can cover a vast expanse of space as the sea, Da Nang city and the green rice fields, etc.

The highest temperature here is only 25 0C, while the hottest months in central coast are May and August, with temperatures are up to 320 c. But at night it is down 15 0C, equivalent to the average temperature in winter of the north.  Bana is also a valuable nature reservation with 544 species of vascular plants and 256 species animal, 6 and 44 of them are rare one, recorded in Vietnam Red Book.

Coming Ba Na mount, guests will feel as losing in the clouds and smog. From early of twentieth century, Ba Na was selected as a resort by French. Hundreds of villas, castles were built by them. Coming to this place, you can feel your interests with a lot of pretty villas, newly built hotels, and bungalows here, nowadays. Each one has its own flower garden with many types of aristocratic flower that Frenchmen left during the 50 past years.

Currently, a number of villas in Ba Na resort have been restored with full amenities and modern services to serve for need of tourists.  A modern system of cable cars helps the visitors get a bird’s-eye view, very attractive while enjoying a feeling of flying in the blue sky amidst the clouds and wind.

From the top of Ba Na mount, tourists feel there is another world, they can enjoy happiness and various things that they can not feel in busy urban life.

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