Cat Ba Island’s Climate

Cat Ba is a beautiful and romantic island, located on the Lan Ha Bay. To facilitate your Cat Ba’s trip, there are listed some brief information about climate in Cat Ba Island as follows

On the whole, Cat Ba Island’s climate is cool and fresh, is ideal for holiday. It is located in the tropical monsoon region, affected by the ocean so the average index of temperature, humidity, precipitation is equal to the surrounded areas. The annual average temperature is between 23oC and 24oC.

Its rainfall is from 1700 to 1800 mm per year. Rainy season is in July and August. And the average temperature is from 25oC to 28 ° C. It is seasonal variation. In summer, it is over 30 ° C and in winter it is average 15-20 ° C, it can down below 10 ° C when having the northeast monsoon.  The average humidity is 85%. The oscillation of the tide is from 3.3 to 3.9 meters. Salinity of sea water is from 0.930% (rainy season) to 3.111% (dry season)

Best time to visit

The best time during the year to visit the Cat Ba Island, Vietnam is from late September to November, at that time the air temperature is mild and sky is clear. During these two months the island has a pleasant weather to enjoy walking on the beaches and absorbing the stunning beauty of the island. In December the weather is cold. March and April are wet, and June, July and August are hot with a high percentage of humidity.

Visiting Cat Ba Island, visitors can rent a boat to go around Lan Ha Bay, visit the beautiful beaches with cute names as Cat Co beach, Ben Beo beach, Co Tien beach, etc. Or you can visit Trung Trang, or Thien Long cave to discover wonderful nature then stop in any small bay to enjoy the exciting fishing and seafood with wine in blue sky with relatives or friends. Visitors can hear the waves pounding on the cliffs at night, take exciting cycling around island, enjoy relaxing walking along the seaside, have fascinating kayaking in the bed of Lan Ha bay, and dip yourselves in the fresh water at pristine beaches. All your sorrow will be washed away.

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