Cham Sculpture Museum

As visiting Cham Sculpture Museum, a unique beauty spot of both Da Nang city and of the world, whether in rainy or sunny days, in the morning or in the afternoon, visitors still feel a unique atmosphere of this place, the reverie of reminiscences.

It was formally built in July 1915, with help of Far-East Archaeological Research Institute in Hanoi, the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Danang now has about 2,000 large and small sculptures. Of these, 288 are on display inside the museum, 187 objects in the garden and more than 1.200 objects are reserved in the storehouse. Most of the sculptures are created by three main materials as sandstone, terracotta and copper, which are dated from the VII to the XV century with different art styles.

Most of the sculptures displayed here are drifting life as destiny of vibrant culture that generated them. Through the ruins of time, war and the oblivion, the Champa sculptures were collected and brought here by many generations. And in this systematic collection, these works of the ancient Champa artists again have a new life again.

Coming to museum, we can see the as the glorious time of a nation when passion and creativity in arts at a very high level. Mysterious sprit world, pictorial legends, religious symbols, curves body of dancers, flat strokes smile time, etc. all are vivid and extremely sexy.

Although deeply influenced by the architecture and sculpture of the Indian civilization, the ancient Champa look life and religion according to their own senses. Refraction was created for the art world’s own beauty, a subtle and distinctive beauty intimacy.

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