The Valley of Love

Da Lat has many tourist attractions such as museums, beautiful gardens, citadels, magnificent buildings and palaces as well. When in Dalat the visitors must not miss The Valley of Love, Dalat.

Location: Valley of Love is about 5 km far from the center of Da Lat city to the north.
Characteristics: Valley of Love sunk into the hillside with the pine forests.

The Valley of Love is in the temperate central highlands of Vietnam. It’s cool temperature attract natives and tourists to the area. The highest temperature in the summer is 25 C!

At first it was called Valley d’Amour by the French, under Bao Dai time, it was changed into the Valley of Peace. In 1953, when Nguyen Vy, the chairman of the town council at the time, proposed conversion of the famous names from French into Vietnamese language in order to demonstrate independence of the nation, the name “Valley of Love” was born.

In 1972, thanks to build a large dam crossing the valley created a large lake called Da Thien Lake. Since the valley became more romantic, increased attractiveness for tourists and especially for couples in the country. Visitors can go along the trail or climb hundred grade levels, go through the gate with brightly colored flowers to hill Vong Canh. From here, the Valley of Love likes a beautiful painting, alive with sails on the lake.

The love valley is one of the most beautiful and romantic landscapes in Da Lat city. Previously, the visitors often go to the Dong Thien Vuong road to arrive here, nowadays, visitors can travel there by Lam Vien a new road.

The rounded red dirt roads can take guests up the hill or the top of the Lanbiang mountain.

Guests can also pass a small bridge to explore the “Dia Ban” hill, an ideal location is surrounded by lakes. It is very convenient for fishing or chatting in white balconies. In the nature, the visitors like being lost in a realm of the heaven with the endless blue and magic light form the mysterious space.

The Valley of Love is regarded as Vietnam honeymoon destination. It is where couples and lovers often visit. Because of its name, many beautiful sculptures of lovers, and many couples and lovers like walking around the area, the place is full of love.

Visitors can hire a boat or ride a horse rented by cowboy-dressed guide along paths around the area. There are still many hidden things are waiting for your discovery.

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