Lang Biang Mountain

The Mountain range is located on Lang Biang Plateau, belongs to the Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, to north of Da Lat. It consists of three main mountain tops: Chu Yen Du with 2.075m high known as Mount Nhut, Lang Biang with high 2.167m is called Lam Vien and mountain which is 2.287m high called Bidoup Ba


From a long distance, visitors will see two peaks: Lang Biang and Bidoup as high as two huge columns.  In the past, linking these mountains had a trail winding through a valley.

Lang Biang has marked with a faithful love between boys and girls in Thuong area. It was said that:  Yang (the sun) sent a God to the earth to take care of two mountains. This God was named Lombieng, it was read as Lang Biang. During the construction, Lombieng god had help power of two friends: they are giants (Nhut) and he Bidoup. The names of two people were called for the two mountains are located there.


Today, the area around Lang Biang mount has become the most attractive tourist excursions of Lam Dong. For climbing up to this beautiful mountain, young people often go on foot, while the elderly and children or those who can not climb it have vehicles to transport themselves. When standing on the mountain, we can have a feeling of touching of the clouds, the fog.

At the foothills, having village of Chil, the Lat ethnic is in the stream or in the valleys, along the green hills like an ancient valley. Far away from Da Lat, there are villas, buildings, schools, churches with pointed tower bells. To the east, Ninh Chu Beach is outstanding characterized as sleepy and fanciful.

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