Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located at 120 Tu Phuoc, about 8 km far from the center of Da Lat city to the South- East. The pagoda was constructed from 1949 to 1952. In 1990, it was restored, three- arched entrances gate was built in the side of the road for guests easily to identify it, because the temple was deep in the alley.

It was called the “temple bottles” because there is a dragon having length 49 m, and its fin is covered with fragments of 50 thousand bottles of beer.
The official name is Linh Phuoc pagoda. Linh Phuoc is located on the land to the right of National Highway 20 – the road from Da Lat to Cau Dat belongs to Trai Mat 11 Ward. The temple was built by some monks and nuns, and Buddhists from Thua Thien – Hue in 1949, but it has been widely known since 1990 when its architect was restored and new works were built.

“Long Hoa Vien” – the works was impressed with the pilgrims, it was carved dragon curving around the statue of Maitreya Buddha. Besides dragon is the lake, a huge rock, and a Maitreya Buddha statue sits on the top.

Visiting Linh Phuoc, guests can also enjoy the unique architecture. We must first mention the main hall and “Tien Dan Bao Thap”, a massive structure and unique works. The main hall is 33 m in length, 22 m in width; “Tien Dan Bao Thap” is 27 m in height carved into dragon shape. In the first floor there are 108 statues.”

Along the main hall are two rows of dragon columns similar to the style tomb of the Nguyen kings.

In front of the there is “Long Hoa Vien” with 7 storey Linh tower, 36 m in height considered the highest tower in Dalat now. This is also a museum. In the first floor, there is a Great bell (casted the last year in 1999) considered the largest Vietnam’s bell today. Bell is 4.3 m in height, 2.3m in diameter and 8.5 tons in weight. The building of the bell has been contributed to material resources, financial resources of the Buddhists, tourists from North to South. “Bao Dai Quan the Am Bo Tat” is created harmoniously in front of the temple courtyard.

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