The Ancient Town of Hoi An

Hoi An, located in Quang Nam province, it is about 35km from south of Danang on the mouth of the Thu Bon river. This increasingly popular city is becoming more and more crowded by attracted domestic and foreign visitors, and is now a Word Heritage Area.

Hoi An is near Cua Dai Beach, luxury hotels and restaurants create a pleasant place for tourists to spend nice days in Hoi An.

As the Vietnam continues to develop, Hoi An still well managed, still retains its peace and quietness. Besides the ancient streets the city becomes more beautiful with wooden buildings, silk shops and when is lighted by light of lantern and traditional costumes.

Hoi An’s History

Originally name is Fai Fo which was built in Hoi An   by Nguyen Phuc Nguyen from 1602 to 1618. He is familiar with Japanese and Chinese, he was also the first to use the new port visa trade      winds. So in mid – 1600’s, traders come to Hoi An increased day by day. And then Europe India and the South Pacific countries congregated for an annual four-month trading fair.The name Hoi An is officially used in 1954 when the town had returned deep into a sleepy backwater.

Tourism is one of the potential features of Hoi An, thanks to explosion of hotels and tourism infrastructure. The Ancient Town is considered as an island in the middle of a large city.

What are attractions in Hoi An?
Original street pattern and many of buildings still retain in Hoi An. With only 50,000 Dong (roughly $3.40) for a ticket tourists can visit some houses and temples. And most of the owners of these houses are happy to guide visitors around in anticipation of a tip.

Moreover, tourists will have chance to taste typical both local and Vietnamese flavored and international fare. Specially, the prices are inexpensive with good quality. On the whole, the standard is high, and the prices inexpensive. You can also go shopping there especially for silk material and garments.

In the morning, around 05.00 to 06 the night fishing boats come back and bring unload their catches. The riverside end of the town’s market becomes an interesting place.

Cham Island has many beautiful and fresh beaches. Especially, there have some fishing villages to explore.

About four kilometers from the town, there is one tourists can not miss is Cua Dai beach. It is attractingly beautiful with blue water, and pine sandy beaches.

Traveling now to Hoi An to discover its charm and enjoy its peace.

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