Ha Long Bay Vietnam

If you visit Vietnam one of the destinations you should not miss is Ha Long bay. A long with natural beauty, the area offers a wealth of economic opportunities,  a rich culture and history.

Covering more than 1,500 square kilometers, Ha Long Bay is known with 1,969 islets of varying sizes. As well as being striking beautiful, the archipelago is a great attraction to geologist and other scientists. Formed at least 500 million years ago, the area is also an important cradle of the Viet civilization. From the 12th to the 18th century the bay hosted Vietnam’s first international trading ports.

Viewed from above, Hạ Long Bay likes a pictorial with many colors. Thanks to the creation of nature, Ha Long bay becomes a wonderful and skilful masterpiece that makes thousands of soulless stone islands become an extreme sculptural and artistic works of various graceful shapes. These islands coming out in the fanciful waves look not only strong and magnificent but also charming. Coming to these islands we feel as if we lost in a petrified world. Islands are given name after their shapes and forms. For example: Island looks like people heading is given name: Hòn Ðầu Người (Human Head Island); and name Hòn Rồng (Dragon Island) is due to it likes a dragon hovering above the sea surface, another looks like an old man sitting fishing: Hòn Lã Vọng; name Hòn Cánh Buồm (Sail Island) which means that  big sails in struggling  the wind to set off for the sea. All are so real that almost people are attracted by them. Those stone islands have experienced unpredictable changes over time and they take different shapes from different angles of view. Here, we come to realize that they are not dumb inanimate things but are vivid and soul

Ha Long was also the site of various historic battles, the names of places like Bach Dang, Cua Luc and Van Don forever linked with those of national heroes like Ngo Quyen, Le Hoan, Tran Hung Dao all of whom fought to free Vietnam of northern invades.

Along with its historic values, Halong is home to unique culture that exists to this day. The people who inhabit the bay’s floating fishing villages have a wealth of folk verses, songs, proverbs and expression that reflect many generations’ experiences in this area.

Cultural wealth is joined by actual wealth. This bio- diverse region is a rich source of aquatic products, like fish and sea food. Being protected from high winds and strong currents, the area is made for sea ports like those of Cai Lan ( Ha Long) and Cua Ong ( cam pha), as well as small ports like Mui chua, Van Gia and Nam Cau Trang. It is also popular with tourists who come to bathe in the clear water, kayak or cruise through the maze of islands, sample the local cuisine and sightsee.

Because of its potential economic opportunities, HaLong city is experiencing rapid urbanization. It now has 300 hotels ranked between one and five stars, or at 4, 500 hotels rooms, plus many mini hotels.


With its islands strewn like scattered pearls across emerald waters, Halong is a natural wonder, its beauty admired by people all around the world.

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