Ha Tinh Climate

Ha Tinh Province is located in the tropical monsoon region. The province is influenced by climatic transition of The North and South with typical tropical climate of The South, so the weather is extreme. Ha Tinh province’s climate is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy season.

The average temperature between winter and summer is different. In winter, it is from 180C to 22 0C. In summer, it is from 15.50C to 33 0C.

The Rainy season lasts from August to November. Annually, the average rainfall is from 2.500mm to 2.650mm, accounting for 54% of the whole year’s. The dry season is from December to July next year. The weather is dry, hot and highly vaporizing West- Southern wind (blowing from Laos).

From July to October, there are many storms with heavy rains caused floods in many areas. In the winter, it has northeast monsoon so the climate is very cold and drizzly, and the temperature may be down to 7 OC.

Located in the largest rainfall region and affected by the storm, Ha Tinh’s climate is distinctive from other regions’. This can be illustrated by the extreme cold weather in winter.

The day and night temperature’s amplitude fluctuation is about 6.20C. The average number of sunshine hours is about 1800. The average amount of cloud is about 70-80%. The average humidity is very high, reaching 84-86%. The difference of the average moisture between the wettest and the driest month reach 18-19%.

Ha Tinh Province is influenced by many storms (about 5 to 6 hurricanes per year). Wind speed can reach 30 m/s in the mountainous areas and 40 m/s in the delta areas.

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