Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass stretches along the Hai Van mountain slopes, is a scenic pass on the road from Đà Nẵng and Huế, on the National Road 1A in Vietnam.

This is the highest pass (about 500 meters above sea level), full of rugged peaks and also the last of Truong Son Mountain stabbed the sea.

Hai Van Pass is tottery, one side is mountain and the other side is sea. Pass’s top is covered with cloud all year so it is called “Cloud Pass”. In Phu Bien Tap Luc, Le Quy Don once remarked:  Hai Van is under cloud and above sea.  In the past, Hai Van Pass was known as the Thuan Hoa and Quang Nam frontier. The entrance to Hai Van Quan looks like the entrance to an old citadel with its stone structures.

The mountain road is used since many centuries ago, but has been paved by the French and then enlarged by the South Vietnamese and the Americans due to its strategic position. The tunnel (length 6.28km) is newly built and is opened in 2005.

Previously, this land is belonged to O and Ri of Champa kingdom, in the 13rd century. It was wedding present of Che Man king to propose Huyen Tran Princess. On top of the pass, the trail has been left: Pass’s door and the citadel. Three words “Hai Van Quan” is carved on the gate towards Thua Thien-door and the other gate looking down on Quang Nam province is engraved “the most grandiose gateway in the world” in Vietnamese means “De Nhat Hung Quan”.  It is singled Heavenly lower most important heroes (this is from the dedication of King Le Thanh Ton when sightseeing stop here.

On the way across Vietnam through the central land full of sun and wind, the Hai Van Pass has become an ideal place for tourists inside and outside of the country. Hai Van is well known for its dangerous roads, and accident warning boards carefully appear regularly along the side. On the top of the pass, the crest of the Hải Vân Pass has a number of restaurants and rest places.

From Da Nang city along the National Highway 1A to the north, after crossing the Nam O area, travelers enter Hai Van Pass. From here, in beautiful day, visitors can clearly see panorama of Da Nang city, Tien Sa port, Son Tra peninsular, Cu Lao Cham, etc.

Passing time, the natural gifts will become humane values. Visiting Hai Van Pass is satisfactory dream about occupying the height, mixes in epics of Vietnamese.

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