Enchanting Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang is suited on the left bank of Hong River about 13km south east of Hanoi center. It is very famous for ceramic and pottery products attracting many tourists. It is also long – lasting pottery village in Vietnam.

If you know about Vietnam, you will know such Bat Trang’s products as: vases, bowls, dishes and many kinds of ceramic products which have been exported worldwide.


It is said that Bat Trang village was established in 14th or 15th century. However, as some villagers’ opinions, the village perhaps appeared earlier. There are two stories about the village origin. According to the first story tell, in the Ly dynasty the people of Bat Trang were taught the ceramic craft industry by three scholars who came back from their mission trip to China. According to the other story, under the Ly Cong Uan dynasty, in the 10th century when he relocated the capital in Thang Long with the establishment and development of the capital, a lot of trade men, crafters, from many areas come to settle down here. There were a lot of white clay so many potters, among whom was Nguyen Ninh Trang family, came and constructed the kilns here. Accordingly, Bat Trang has gradually changed from a normal ceramic and pottery village into a famous ceramic and pottery centre until now.

Passing many years, Bat Trang products have developed and become famous for the best quality, style. It is exported to a number of foreign markets such as Japan, the Netherlands, Britain, Portugal, Southeast Asia, etc.  Japanese knew the Bat Trang’s products under the brand “Kochi” ( Giao Chi).

The famous ceramic and pottery products

Production Process: To finish a Bat Trang’s product, they had to spend a lot of time following three steps. The first is making the product frame. The clay must be selected very carefully by the artists. After being chosen, it is treated and started to be made raw product. It must be repaired to get the best appearance. Secondly, it is decorated with glazes.  Lastly, these raw products are baked in 3 days and 3 nights. The temperature must be at 12000 or 13000. . Then products are brought out, they will be classified and repaired to choose the best products. . And now we have the perfect products.

Popular product types: According to the purpose of using, there are three kinds of Bat Trang products: the first are utilitarian wares: such as  plates, bowls, teacups, kettles, wine bottles, flowerpots, vases, jar… it has many kinds of shapes and colors. You can choose them depending on your interest. The second is cult wares including lamp stands, candle holders, incense burner, altar boxes, swords, etc. These are valuable for collectors because of inscription of the production. And the third is decorative objects: house models, altars, statues and architectural fixtures.

Visiting Bat Trang you will lose your way in the world of ceramics. It can be easily seen that Bat Trang’s products are thicker than Chinese ones.

To meet the changing demands and tastes of customers, Bat Trang producers are expanding their products more colors, shapes with a lot of different special designs. Specially, its glaze is thing that makes them distinguished which is of high quality and a variety of colors, such as blue, brown, white, moss green, in both breaking and melting glazes.

Nowadays, although there are a number of competitors both inside and outside country, Bat Trang’s products are still preferred by majority of customers. They said that Bat Trang’s products contain historical and traditional values. Hence, it is no surprise at all that Bat Trang is still found in busy days and works. More importantly, the village is now so popular that it can absorb a huge number of tourists to visit and buy ceramic products every year

What more? Bat Trang ceramic village is an ideal school for learning ceramic art. If you love to make ceramic products by hand, just come Bat Trang village!

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