Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi capital is a sacred land of Vietnam. The year 1010 was an historical date of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam country in general. Hanoi has had many names throughout history, all of them of Sino-Vietnamese origin, for example   Thang Long ( Soaring Dragon), Dong Do, Dong Kinh, and finally is was renamed – Hanoi in 1831.Over many years, marked by destruction, wars and natural calamities, many historical architectural  of Hanoi still be  preserved  such as Hanoi Cathedral, Hanoi Old Quarter and more than  600 pagodas and temples,  One Pillar Pagoda (built in 1049), the Temple of Literature (built in 1070),  Hanoi Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House, President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, and so on.

Hanoi Cathedral is well known both its architecture and its picturesque scenery as well.
St Joseph’s Cathedral, or Nha Tho Lon, is the oldest church in Hanoi. It is located on 40 Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem District, a short distance from the Hoan Kiem Lake -the Lake of the Returned Sword. It was built in the 11th and 12th centuries under the Ly Dynasty, suited on the site of the former Bao Thien Tower, the ancient capital of Thang Long.

Hanoi Cathedral was known as Saint Joseph’s Cathedral.  After two year of its construction, the Cathedral was opened on Christmas Day 1886. . Its architecture was designed depending on the Notre Dame Cathedral’s architecture in Paris. Many catholic rituals have been held there. Annually on March 19, a ritual ceremony is held to dedicate to Jesus Christ.


Local residents in Hanoi, especially youngsters often gather in front of the space around the Hanoi Cathedral when coming there they feel peace and quiet. They can get away from the bustle and hustle of the city. When it gets darker, groups of friends flock to the space to enjoy themselves.  Tourists can also feast and drink in this open space. Your mind is swayed by the bell striking from the church at meditative moments. It is a great and romantic feeling. The cathedral is attracting due to its view and tranquil. Couples hand in hand show their love. Others regard it as a playground for chatting or a stage for music performances. So visiting there, you can enjoy many famous movies’ shows.

If you are living in Hanoi, what a very pity that  you have not ever explored the underlying real scene of the city by once setting your foot into the space of Hanoi Cathedral.

Note: Ha Noi Cathedral is open daily for mass from 5am to 7am and 5pm to 7pm.  Tourists enter by the entrance gate at 40 Nha Chung St.

How to go to St Joseph’s Cathedral or Hanoi cathedral

St Joseph’s Cathedral is located on 40 Nha Chung Street, or 40 Pho Nha Chung. If your trip start from the Ho Hoan Kiem street, go along Le Thai To Street from south to north until it forks into two. You will see the Pho Hang Trong  (Hang Trong street) on  the left of the street.  A short distance from the fork is a T-junction on the left side. It is Nha Tho Street. St Joseph’s Cathedral is located at the end of this street.

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