Restarants and Bars in Hanoi

Hanoi is an active city. With the current booming rate of the economic as well as other aspects of people’s life, the number of restaurants and bar is taking off the ground. Following are some recommended bars and restaurants in Hanoi.

Two French students designed a damaged tube house into an ancient house at 69 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.  Today the house still remains its antique although it looks much more spacious with the interposed dragon’s scale – shaped roof and a yard which gets the sun light from the top. To shelter from the rain, this yard is covered with a lean.

Visiting the restaurant you are attracted by the charming of the house, it is designed with the shiny black – iron wood and with the Bat Trang red tile. From the staircase to the first floor, it is caved by wood which makes the restaurant become firm and ancient.  Moreover, you can see many precious pictures of old Hanoi and a score of rural instruments such as dippers made of coconut shell, fishing – baskets, water jars, dragon’s head – carved bamboo stakes.

On the first floor, its balcony is designed with the small window panes, making both the private and cool atmosphere. Right here, you can see  a corner of ancient Hanoi in the old inclined roof.

Presently, this restaurant attracts stream of tourisms and the hanoian as well. It is an ideal place for those who like to enjoy an antique space. The prototype structure is still kept although it is improved also.  Wood staircase, doors, chairs and tables…. all look as they were before. You are surely impressed by the polite and professional service manner. Coming to the restaurant, you can not only be attracted by Vietnamese food but also you can explore Hanoian’s life.

Tourists will have a chance to enjoy the unique Hanoi cuisine which is served with the oven right on the table will give you the cozy space such as vermicelli and grilled chopped meat, Hanoi ducks, beefsteak, noodles, Vietnamese soup… and especially, the Hanoi fried fish. Besides, there are many other dishes reserved for foreigners such as codfish, fried noodles…

The tourists in side and out side the country are really interested in Vietnamese dishes at Ma May restaurant. Enjoying its food one time, they certainly will come back. The restaurant is well known for fried “Hoanh Thanh”, braised fish, legs of chickens fried with lotus… and medicine wine of Vietnam.

The actresses are in the old clothing excite the grace of old Hanoi girls. Especially, the ca tru performance is held regularly in the evenings. This is really an idealistic place for the foreign and domestic customers who like to enjoy the space of ancient Hanoi.

Another restaurant is 33 restaurant. It is located at 33 Nguyen Thuong Hien Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Although, restaurant 33 just has been opened for a short time you will feel very impressed when coming there.. The restaurant’s atmosphere is quiet and romantic. Coming there you can enjoy melodious music and delicious food.

No 33 restaurant has 4 floors with 5 modern luxurious dining rooms; they are decorated as Asian style. Each room has unique style, is cozy and romantic. On the second floor, tourists can enjoy outdoor space. Here, you drink a cup of coffee and see Hanoi’s streets.

A plentiful and various menus, from familiar dishes of Hanoians to specialties such as fresh seafood, poultry, wild animal meat, little tortoise. Tourists will feel comfortably with the professional and friendship of its  staffs.

Sitting in the restaurant and looking  Hanoi city, you can go away the hustle and bustle of the life, only you with the emotional feelings.

For those interested in the quieter bars, whether for the entire evening or just for starting out the night, the top pick is the Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha is located at 2 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. It is one of the newer lounge bars in Hanoi.. It’s meant to appeal to the late teen-early twenties crowd with its epilepsy-inducing blinking lights on the dance floor and the music played on the premises (conventional dance music, little more besides).

Visitors can play free games on the weekend nights.  Other popular bars  in Hanoi include Club Q, the Spark Club, Da Gino, Emperor Pub and the Met.

In generally, Hanoi has many famous restaurants and clubs. Now, visiting Hanoi to discovery and enjoy them.

1 Ba Trieu St.,
Tel: 943 8578
Serves Fusion cuisine and offers a nice ambience for the late (evening with drinks and shisha.) >KOTO
61 Van Mieu St.,
Tel: 747 0338
Project for street kids. Very friendly and dedicated staff and real good food. Located in opposite to the Temple of Literature. Breakfast and lunch, dinner in from Fri to Sun.
Don’t miss it!

57 Ly Thai To St.,
Tel: 825 7807
Courtyard setting, snack and dishes from all over, reasonable prices. Located just in opposite to the Metropole Hotel.

36 Hang Manh St.,
Tel: 824 2402
Nice courtyard setting with water cascading down one wall. Delicious Vietnamese fare and good prices.

LITTLE HANOI –The Original
9 Ta Hien St.,
Tel: 926 0639
Located in the Old Quarter. Serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine at very reasonable prices. Good service. Don’t confuse with another place also called little Hanoi. Ask for the original!

Address: 47 Lo Su St, Hanoi
Tel: 04-934-4109
American-owned R & R Tavern is the best place in town for a taste of classic rock and a chance to meet up with expats who dig it. They have live music Thursday to Saturday and draw a big crowd. They’re located just northwest of Hoan Kiem Lake on Lo Su, just a short walk east of the busy shoe-sellers area at lakeside.

Location: End of Chuong Duong Do, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
Tel: 0912 174 730
When everything else closes, head out to sea (okay, the river) to dance until sunrise on Solace. This place used to be The Titanic and they have inherited the old bar’s reputation as the final stop before the stumble home. House and techno music blasts on the weekends. On weekdays, patrons often jump behind the turntables to try their hand at playing DJ.

5 Hang Tre St.,
Tel: 926 0639
Vietnamese authentic and Rice wines. Sometimes really unique are the home-made liquors. A must!

59A Ly Thai To St.,
Tel: 934 0888
Fine dining. Deli also offers from Mon to Fri set lunches at very reasonable prices.
A highlight!

PHO BIEN (sea food)
Address: 14 Trang Thi St.,
Tel: 824 0060
Delicious sea food. Good service. Just try!

Address: 14 Cha Ca St.,
Tel: 825 3929
Unique Vietnamese cuisine. Unique taste!

Address: Fortuna hotel, 6B Lang Ha St.,
Great Chinese food!

Address: 41B Ly Thai To St.,
For good Indian food, come here!

Address: 17 Trang Thi St.,
Serves excellent Japanese food with a Japanese decoration. Good!

Address:  31 Nguyen Tri Thanh St.,
Well serves Korean food.

Address:  68 Le Van Huu St.,
Very fine dining with Italian food, a romantic atmosphere!

Address: 15 Hang Cot St.

3 Nguyen Khac Can St.,
826 9080( Italian Restaurant and Enoteca.
Located near the Opera House.
Italian Chef Marco offers excellent food and a good choice of wines at reasonable price.

16A Duong Thanh St.,
Tel: 828 9065
Irish Pub. Cold beer and snacks. Very recommendable!

Most popular on Bao Khanh Street:
Funky Monkey at 31 Hang Thung (tel. 04/928-6113) for music, pool tables, pizzas, and a cool black-light menu.
Polite Pub at 5 Bao Khanh (tel. 04/825-0959; open 5pm-2 or 3am), a popular gay men’s hangout, but pretty “straight friendly,” too. All of these spots are open late, and the street’s always hoppin’. There are lots of nearby dining options as well.

31 Luong Van Can St.,
Tel: 828 7890
Hanoi’s first Jazz club. Located in the Old Quarter. Daily Live Jazz.

14 Nha Tho St.,
Tel: 825 6334
Very popular Bistro in a picturesque street closed to the Cathedral.

Address:  136 Hang Trong St.,
Address:  18B Le Thanh Tong St.,

3 Xuan Dieu St., Tay Ho Dist.,
Tel: 719 8000
Wine & Food. Among the best international spots in town; excellent service!

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