Charming Van Phuc Silk Village

Dating back to thousand years old, Vietnam was outstood majorly for its unique culture. Silk weaving is one of the elements creating the attractive and lovely Vietnamese.

Currently, with the quite fast development of the economy global wide in general and the technology in particular, silk weaving is not commonly seen. However, to preserve this beautiful cultural aspect as well as to meet the demand the cultural-conservation people, Van Phuc Silk Village has still been there and becoming more and more popular.

Located right in the heart of the country, Hanoi Capital, Van Phuc Silk village, hence is convenient for visiting by both domestic and foreigner visitors.

From the centre of Hanoi it takes about 30 minutes to go to Van Phuc Silk village by motorbike. The village is very famous for its traditional sericulture, weaving and silk products. Visiting here, you  are attracted by various beautiful shirts, crafts, ties, dresses and many other things made of silk available in the village. Specially, the silk is made by very simple looms, which is the genuinely traditional Vietnamese way of making silk.

The cradle of Vietnamese Silk

For many years, silk has always been regarded as an extreme luxury, on par with rhinoceros horn, ivory and precious handworks in Vietnam.  It has long been a universal byword of luxury, often worn by the richest, most powerful citizens. Van Phuc Silk Village is considered the cradle of Vietnam silk. It is proud to be the origin of best silk and silk – making industry of Vietnam, which is attached to a long-lasting history of more than two thousand years. Though passing lots of ups and downs, during the recent years, the village’s craft has enjoyed revival due to a surging demand for silk in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Ideal place for silk products & souvenirs

Most of the houses along the paths sell silk products, Van Phuc village can be named “Silk shop town”. Specifically, the village is now home to 1,280 households, 90% of whom are involved in silk production and business. Each year, the village makes over 2 million meters of silk.

Tourists are always confronted with an initially bewildering array of silk products, from raw materials, to garments, and a myriad of silk accessories. The local silk is famous for its smooth and lightweight appearance, and qualities that enable it to be dyed more colors to suit a variety of skin tones. To provide the changing demands and tastes of customers, Van Phuc silk producers are expanding their silk and garment repertoire: traditional glossy, embroidered silks, double layers, wrinkled silks, and of course, more colours, hues and weights, for which they have invented new techniques in dying and thermo-processing the threads.

How to get there?

You can travel by motorbike, bus or taxis, tourists should travel south west out of Hanoi in Nguyen Trai street untill you come to the border of Ha Dong District. Then turn right and dive for about 3km. The village is on the left, some 8 km from central Hanoi.

Bus lines running through Van Phuc Silk Village: No 2, No 27, No 57.

Nowadays, silk is very charming fashion renaissance, because it can be made into a many range of designs suitable for all facets of modern life. Coming here to choose your suitable materials, it will bring you satisfaction.

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