Cu Chi Tunnels

Tourists to Ho Chi Minh city are often interested in visiting a historical place named Cu Chi Tunnels (Vietnamese named Địa Đạo Củ Chi).

About half way between Ho Chi Minh City and Cao Dai Holy See tourists can visit The Cu Chi tunnels, are located in Cu Chi district next to the Saigon River.

Many years ago, Viet Minh dug tunnels, a hide place to attack French soldiers. In 1960s these tunnels were reopened and extended both in depth and length. On the top, over five levels in places stretched to about thirty kilometers of the centre of Saigon. And total length some where between 200km and 300km, the deepest levels were over 30m underground. Specially, there had underground “Villages” meaning had canteens, accommodation, and even schools and hospitals..

The tunnel entrances, exits, ventilation pipes, chimneys, and waste channels were all ingeniously camouflaged and guarded by an array of vicious booby traps designed to maim intruders .Inhabitants were protected form grenades and gas by  blast screens and water traps and  could be quickly sealed off to prevent flooding

The tunnels were never danged compromised by the enemy although they used chemicals, defoliants, napalm, huge ploughs and carpet bombing.
The tunnels hade a vital role in the American War, in 1968 Tet Offensive was masterminded from there.

However, a big number of Vietnamese people were died over 10,000 and as high as 15,000.

Today Vietnam is a peaceful country and the devastation wreaked upon the area is no longer obvious.  To help tourists understand more about Vietnam’s history, Vietnam Government had renovated short lengths of the tunnels. Specially, two areas of have been opened up and one area has been renewed considerably so it can attracts a big number of visitors.

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