Hoa Binh Ethnic People

According to a survey in 1999, Hoa Binh province has 756,713 people. Province’s social workersis 452,000, accounting for 58.68% of the population there. The province has 30 ethnic groups, in which there are six ethnic minorities: Muong, Thai, Dao, Tay, Mong and Hoa.  The Muong (497,197) is the largest ethnic group in Hoa Binh, accounting for 63.3% of the Hoa Binh’s population. The Kinh has 209,852 people, accounting for 27.73%, the Thai people is 29,438, accounting for 3.9%, Dao ethnic minority people, accounting for 1.7%, the Tay ethnic group has 20,537 people, accounting for 2.7%, the Mong with 3,962 people, accounting for 0.52% and other ethnic groups account for 1.18%.

The Muong ethnic group live in the mountainous areas where are near to transportation system. This is very convenient for developing their business. Muong people have farmed for a long time. Mushrooms, wood ears, woods, bamboos, etc are their sub-economy. Weaving and knitting are main crafts of Muong people.

Each ethnic group has its own unique culture, which is the outstanding feature to develop Community tourism and conserve traditional culture.

The Thai mainly concentrated in Mai Chau district. Currently, Ban Lac is one of the major tourist destination attracting a lot of visitors inside and outside the country.

Thai girls’ charming costumes help to set off their curves, and men’s dress is very simple not showy and gaudy.

The Tay mainly live in Da Bac district with Muong and Dao people. The Tay’s customs and culture is similar to the Thai people, especially their language.Theircostumes are simply with an indigo color, outstanding character is reflected in patterns on their fabrics.

The Dao people live in communities in Da Bac district, Luong Son, Kim Boi, Cao Phong, Ky Son and Hoa Binh City.

The Mong people mostly live in Hang Kia and Pa Co commune, Mai Chau district. Previously, they used to live shifting farming. From 1970 to 1980s, they had a settled way of life.

The Hoa people in rural area mainly live on agriculture. For people live in cities, towns they often live on trade. Handicrafts such as pottery, paper making, incense making are quite developed. Besides, some of them live on fishing. Especially, they always keep their promise in production and business.

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