Mai Chau

Mai Chau is the heart  of a beautiful valley. When coming there visitors can live away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. It’s a stunning area, and the most ethnic white Thai live here.

Mai Chau is suited in Hoa Binh province, about 135km from Hanoi, tourists can see panorama of Mai Chau when standing on the top of the Cun Mountain. It is surrounded by a green valley and stilt houses. You can meet many minority people so you will know more about their life and customs.

Both site of the roads tourists can see many stilt houses. The houses are quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. In the center of the house, the kitchen is located. It is one of the important places. Thai minority make the cooking, making of the colorful the cam, the material to make their clothes at there.  There have large windows and decorated with patterns especially each house has a pond to breed fish.

On Sunday, a lot of people go to market.  People from different minorities come to the Mai Chau market to sell their products such as honey, corn, bananas and so on. Tourists can buy tho cam made by Thai women.  The Sunday market attracts a lot of tourists comes to the town. It is also a chance to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and take part in traditional dances.

Mai Chau   is a base for tourists to enjoy trekking to the villages around. Tourists have a chance to have home stay overnight on the traditional houses of the Hmong and the Thai.

Hoa Binh is a mountainous province suited in the North. In the west it is close to Son La, in the East it near Ha Nam and Ninh Binh, in the South it is next to Thanh Hoa.  There are six minorities create the culture of Hoa Binh with their own languages, traditional literature and festivals.

Especially, visitors will enjoy delicious dishes such as rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat. Besides, traditional dancing, music performances and Thai singing and dancing are also attracting visitors a lot.

Visiting to Mai Chau is very interesting because tourists will be offered the rare chance to explore the local culture outside the big cities

Tracy Mariana

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