Hue Citadel

In the 19th and early 20th century, Hue, in Central Vietnam, is the capital of Vietnam. The Citadel is one of the famous destinations in Hue, so tourists can not miss it when visiting Hue.

In 1804, it took much time, money and force to complete Hue Citadel. During the Nguyen Empire the Hue citadel palace complex was the center of Vietnamese governance and politics.

As approaching it, the big flag tower (Vietnamese name is Cot Co) is the first thing you will see. The main entrance to the citadel is Ngo Mon Gate, and tourists will pay entrance fee of 55,000 Vietnam Dong to visit the citadel.

The gate’s lower part is made by stone, while on the top is the “Belvedere of the Five Phoenixes”. In the important occasions, the Emperor appeared there and it is also abdicated to Ho Chi Minh’s Revolutionary Government in 1945.
Coming inside the gate, tourists will visit one of the beautiful sights: lotus pond with a bridge once reserved for emperor’s private use. Over the bridge, the Thai Hoa Palace which was used for official receptions and other important court ceremonies.
Tourists will also have a chance to see a pair of smaller halls used by mandarins for ceremonies court. It suited behind the Thai Hoa Palace and the two form a courtyard,  and things left dated in 1947 was bombed in the 1968 Tet Offensive.

The Thai Binh Lau or Royal Library, a small building, is on the one sides of the central axis of the forbidden City. There had a small pond mostly taken up by a mountain-island which is now well-grown with moss and bonsai.
Do not miss the museum at Long An palace. A long the path, between the Thai Hoa palace and the halls of the mandarins, are a couple of buildings worth a look.

In the 19th century, Vietnam was conquered by the French. Under the Nguyen empire, the people’s life were very poor and he must leave his reign. Then Bao  Dai returned over the  reins of government to the revolutionary government of Ho Chi Minh.

Size of the Hue Citadel is about 520 hectares, near the banks of the Perfume River. The inner sanctum is still open for many tourists to visit, as it undergoes continuous renovation.  In the Tet offensive in1967, most of the buildings were obliterated.


It is very convenient for tourist go there to visit either by taxi or by cyclo. You will be taken straight to the Hue citadel form your hotel. It will take about two hours and includes a fair of waking.  For having a perfect trip, you need to prepare:

  • Entry fee to the Hue Citadel: VND 55,000 (about US$3)
  • comfortable shoes
  • a camera
  • Bottled water; alternatively, you can also buy water along some of the many refreshment stands within the Citadel Grounds.

A quick note: Do remember to apply for Vietnam Visa as the first thing to prepare your trip to Vietnam

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