Marble Mountains in Danang

Ngu Hanh Son Mountains (Marble Mountains) are one of the best places in Central Vietnam. They are situated between Da Nang City and Hoi An ancient town (about 20km from there) and very close to Non Nuoc beach, famous for clean and white sand.

Ngu Hanh Son was named in the early 19th century by King Minh Mang (Nguyen Dynasty) according to the natural elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  Five mountains, Kim Son (metal mountain), Moc Son (wood mountain), Thuy Son (water mountain), Hoa Son (fire mountain) and Tho Son (earth mountain), are suited in the vast white sand beach.  Water Mountain is the biggest one among them.

To the west of Marble Mountains, it has a long rive and the sea is surrounded to the east. The Marble Mountains have many caves, nature’s masterpieces. These caves are named fanciful-sounding name as the Huyen Khong, the Linh Nham, the Van Thong, the Lang Hu, the Van Nguyet, Thien Long Cave, etc.

Thuy Son used to be called Tam Thai Mountain, as its shape is the same like Tam Thai star’s. On the mountain, there are Tam Thai pagoda, Pho Dong tower and Hoa Nghiem cave.

To visit the Thuy Son, visitors must go across 100 rocky steps. Stone stairs lead straight to Tam Thai Pagoda, which is famous for Di Lac Buddha statue and 18 Arhats. The pagoda’s shape is similar to an Ancient pagoda’s form. Visitors will visit Vong Giang Dai, then, from here you can see Cam Le and Han river as a silk crossing the Marble Mountain.

Behind Tam Thai pagoda, Huyen Khong cave is located. Tourists will pass a small cave called Hoa Nghiem. This is the largest cave in the Marble Mountains.  Coming to cave’s door, visitors will see a high and large arch, on the roof it has five holes, which is called God gate. In the cave, you always feel cool as the autumn’s weather.
Behind Tam Thai Pagodar, there are many strange caves namely Van Nguyet  Coc, Thien Long Coc, etc. Lang Hu and Linh Nham cave are suited to the east of Tam Thai pagoda. These are in the middle of mountain. Van Nguyet is stood for “Van Can Nguyet Quat”, is carved into the cliffs.

In summer days, you and your friends walk on 108 stone steps leading to the Thuy Son top, sit at station Vong Giang to see Truong Giang River flowing in the sunset, or stand on station Vong Hai and look long sand beaches. In the afternoon, the urban residents often rush to the sea, fisherman push the boat to the sea, and the most impressive thing is the way leading to the caves are full of leavesA day at the Marble Mountainmake we love our life much more!

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