Nha Trang Bay

Nha Trang Bay covers about 507square km, including 19 islands, among which Hon Tre is the largest island with an area of 3250 hectares, the smallest island is Hon Ngoc only about 4 hectares. The Bay has two seasons: dry season lasts from January to August, the rainy season is from September to December; average temperature is 26oC, the hottest is 39 oC and the coldest is14.4 oC.

Nha Trang Bay

Ecologically, Nha Trang Bay is one of the typical examples of natural systems bays in the world because it has the most typical ecosystems of tropical sea. It is wetland ecosystems, coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, estuarine ecosystems, ocean island ecosystems. Specially, Hon Mun of Nha Trang Bay has the highest biodiversity with 350 species of reef corals accounted for 40% of the world. Among the many islands in the Bay Islands, there are famous sights such as:

Hon Nhieu (also called Bong Nguyen Island) there is Tri Nguyen aquarium with exotic marine life. The way to the lake is full of color, gravel beach.

Hon Mun is a small island in the Bay, it is called “Hon Mun,” because in the southeast of the island has a ledge mountains, cliff caves and dangerous form, particularly they has black colour. Hon Mun has the most diversity coral reefs in Vietnam. Since 2001, the Marine Protected Area Hon Mun is launched including islands like Hon Tre, Hon Mieu, Hon Tam, Hon Mot and Hon Mun, Hon Cau, Hon Vung, Hon Rom, Hon Ngoc and the surrounding water. It has area of about 160square km. This is the first protected marine areas in Vietnam.

Hon Tre Island is the largest one in Nha Trang Bay with an area of 30 km square; about 5km far from the central city of Nha Trang to the east, with beautiful beaches. Island area includes two functional areas.

Hon Tam is a major ecological island tourist, remaining of natural wild look with a green carpet of tropical forest, long sandy beach romance. Behind this island, it is a very special cave. It named Doi cave, where many bats lived at a height of 60m


Hon Chong Nha Trang

Hon Chong – Hon Vo includes two large clusters of rocks situated at the foothills Lasan. The bigger rock is called Hon Chong, includes a large rectangular block of stone lying on a flat and wide rock, the side faces the sea has hand-shaped ice. The other one has shape of a woman sitting in the sea – it is given a name meaning close to Hon Chong – that Hon Vo.

Hon Vo Nha Trang

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