Nha Trang’s Weather Review

Nha Trang is not influenced by monsoon winds. It has a warm, fair and beautiful climate nearly all year round, exception for ate October, November and early December. Rainy season is in September, October, November and December. Nha Trang has dry periods in February and March. November is the wettest month. February is the driest month.

On the whole Nha Trang climate is temperate. There are two seasons: rainy and dry one. The rainy season is short, lasting from mid-September to mid-December of the solar calendar. Rainfall in October and November often accounts for over 50% of rainfall during the year. The other months are dry. Nha Trang averagely has 2600 sunny hours each year. Temperature of Nha Trang is approximately 26.7 ° C.

March or April is the  best time to visit Nha Trang may. May, April and June, it has the least wind. In generally, Nha Trang is not windy enough for windsurf. Being in Nha trang tourists are suggested to visit the Doc Lep beach (35 km north of Nha Trang), which is usually reserved for experts.

Nha Trang has beautiful weather from February to October.  The least good weather is in winter, and rainy season. Overall, Nha Trang’s temperatures are moderate throughout the year.  In summer moths, it gets quite humid. In February is the best time for visitors spending time on the beaches.  In fact, the best diving time in the area is generally considered to be during the spring months.

In autumn, the weather is very nice, it doesn’t get particularly cold. But in rainy reason you should make a note, because the storms can get violent and there is some risk of typhoon devastation during the heart of the season.   If you are going to travel there from September to mid- December, you should take care of its weather forecast.

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