Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach is located in the center of Dong Hoi City. It is beautiful picture of nymph you should not miss when passing by central Vietnam.

According to legend, the Trinh Kingdom and the Nguyen Kingdom conflicted so the river was divided into two sides. Southern Immigrants often look to the North bank to remember their homeland. Their tears flowed down into rivers then flowed into the sea so the beach was called Nhat Le.

Coming to Nhat Le beach, with long white sand, cool breeze air and clean beach, tourists can ride a bicycle or play football. It is very interesting as walking on white and clean sand and seeing waves breaking on the shore. From offshore, waves are seen as white pearl chain, ringing constant sound.

Its seafood is fresh and various, especially those from Nhat Le River. Coming to this town, visitors are able to feel and enjoy the seafood. Only with a small stove, you can have delicious baked or steamed food. In golden sunshine, Nhat Le beach is as deep in sleep in the end of the day.

Visiting Nhat Le beach, visitors may enjoy a lot of interesting relaxation activities. You should go for walk alongside the romantic mirror-like Nhat Le River to feel a romantic feature of Nhat Le. Early morning is ideal time to enjoy yourself on the long-lasting sand bank, so you can feel hot and sunny in Quang Binh, before dipping into the very cool, fresh and blue sea water.

Besides, Nhat Le is also famous for a great deal of beautiful cultural activities and historical sight-seeings. After a series of exciting entertainment kinds, tourists may independently travel around Bao Ninh seaside village, listen to the enchanting folk songs; contemplate a traditional gentle dance “bông chèo cạn” performed by beautiful local girls, or visit fish, tortoise, and turtle raising farms west of the town, etc.

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