Ancient Capital of Vietnam, Hoa Lu

Visiting Hoa Lu Ancient Capital tourists will have chance to understand more about Vietnam’s culture and history as well. It is one of the top destinations, which will bring you to a few imperial capitals of the country in the ancient and medieval.

Hoa Lư, suited next to the town of Ninh Binh, is the site of a 10th-century capital of an ancient Vietnamese Kingdom called Dai Co Viet. It likes a small Kingdom, with an area of only 300 hectares,  reigned from the 10th century  from the Dinh and Le  to the Ly Dynasty in 11th century. This kingdom was secured by the citadel and the Yen Ngua limestone hills.

Hoa Lu’s charm is the combination of the mountains and sea. It is surrounded by the Trang An limestone mountains, laying in a flat valley. In the Northwest of the city tourists can see the beauty of Hoang Long River, the springs which run through the capital, with cooling the weather in the city. They also create the beauty of the city.

Although this ancient Kingdom today is left not much, they would be of interest to archaeologists. In the eastern part of the capital, the Royal Court was built in an area of 150 hectares. The western part is a place to educate and protect children. Tourists visit the ponds and limestone range forming a jagged horizon, one of the highlighted sites. Besides, there have two 17th century temples, the Dinh Tien Hoang Temple and Le Hoan Temple, they are the founder of the Dinh Dynasty.

Hoa Lu is the capital of the country for 41 years ( 968- 1009), it has many palaces, pagodas, tombs and pavilions. They were built by different dynasties. Bao Thien Tue Palace, which was plated with gold and silver, is one of the most popular pieces of architecture. However, over many years many vestiges have been destroyed.

Dinh temple

Dinh Bo Linh took the name of King Dinh Tien Hoang, after many years reunified the country under the name of Dai Co Viet. The Dinh Dynasty existed in 12 years, and then was the Le Dynasty with King Le Dai Hanh. Specially, in 1010 King Ly Thai To chose Thang Long (Hanoi now) which is now official capital.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Festival

Hoa Lu ancient capital festival

Annually on the 10th – 13th of March of lunar calendar, the festival is took place in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district to commemorate  the two kings Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh.

Having two parts in the festival: at the Truong Yen water station suited in Hoang Long river took place water procession, worship at the two temples of King Dinh and King Le.

Besides, entertainment activities  also took place such as “Co lau tap tran”, competing in writing Han script, playing chess, performing dragon dance, etc.

How to get to Hoa Lu?

Hoa lu far from Hanoi is about 110km, will take one or  two hours to Hoa Lu. Or you can easily get a day tour from Hanoi to visit Hoa Lu from most travel agents in Hanoi.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is extremely top Vietnam’s destination, important cultural and historical site of great value in Vietnam.

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