Phu Quoc Island’s Climate

Phu Quoc Island, also known as Jade Island, is Vietnam’s largest one, is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is a part of the Kien Giang Province. The island covers 593.05 sq km. Duong Dong Town, suited in the northwest, is the capital of the island district.


Phu Quoc’s temperature is 27.7 Celsius, with an average maximum daytime temperature of 31.2 Celsius and average minimum of 24.6 Celsius. Phu Quoc is the perfect place for a beach holiday, with warm temperatures. The lowest temperature recorded in recent times was 15.7 Celsius in March 2002.

From November to March, Phu Quoc has the driest season when average rainfall is about 43mm/month. January and February are the most popular times for visiting the island.

Average annual rainfall in Phu Quoc is around 190mm/month. Coming there, You will have the chance to enjoy sunshine on the beach. The wettest months are during the monsoon, from July to October, with an average rainfall of 361mm per month.

Average wind speeds

Phu Quoc islands’ average wind speed is 7.2km/h from October to April, and maximum daily wind speed averages 16km/h.

Phu Quoc Island has the greatest wind speeds during the monsoonal months from July to early October, sometimes hitting maximum winds up around 55km/h.  The greatest maximum wind speed recorded in the past five years was on the 2nd October 2006 (64.8km/h).


Phu Quoc’s humidity is nearly 80%, however you will find that the more humid months during the monsoon. Humidity starts increasing from March as the monsoon approaches, and decrease after the last of the heavy rains in October.

Rainy days

July to October is the months with most rainfall, however even during this period there are a number of days with no rain. From April to June, the sub equatorial monsoon approaches.


The best months for visibility are in the dry season. From November to the April, the best months to scuba dive in Phu Quoc Island. At that season, the rainfall and cloud cover lower than the rain swept monsoon season.

Average sea level pressure

The average sea level pressure in Phu Quoc reaches a lower average pressure during the months from June to September. It climbs to a peak in the months of January and February which enjoy probably the most favorable of all weather conditions.

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