Quang Binh Overview

Quang Binh is a coastal province in the Central North of Vietnam. The northern of Quang Binh province is contiguous to Ha Tinh province, the Southern is contiguous to Quang Tri province, the Eastern is contiguous to the Eastern Sea, and the Western is contiguous to Laos.

It has favorable position, lying on many important traffic hubs of the country and region as: National Highway 1A, Highway 12A to Laos, Thailand, South – North Railway, etc. Specially, it has international port Cha Lo, port Ranh river and Dong Hoi, which are very convenient for  exchange in and out the country.

Quang Binh’s weather is tropical monsoon, divided into two seasons: dry and wet ones. The annual average temperature is from 25 º C to 26 º C. The weather of Quang Binh is in the transitory area of the North and the South, the rainy season (from September to the next March). The annual average rainfall is from 2.000 mm to 2300mm. The dry season (from April to August) is influenced by the Western South, the average temperature from 24 0C to 25 0 C The hottest season is June and July and the average temperature over38 0C – 39 0 C.

Quang Binh’s terrain is quite complex, the mountainous regions, hillocks cover about 85% of the natural area; the plain covers 11%, the rest of area is the sand and dune region. Besides, it is famous for long coastline (116km) and two major ports: Gianh and Nhat Le ones.

The province is famous for scenic spots such as Phong Nha, Tien Son cave, Nhat Le beach, etc. Phong Nha is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

Quang Binh preserved many historical and cultural sites of Vietnam.  There are many other attractive destinations waiting for visitors.

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