Quang Binh’s Transportations

Quang Binh is convergence point of several cross cultural flows, also a battle in national defense wars. Nowadays it preserves many historical and cultural relics of different ages. It is about 300km far away from the North of Da nang city.

Quang Binh has specific trait of the North Central region. Along with system of water, roads, railways transportation, domestic and international airlines, the province is an important transport hub.

It has 25 fixed transportation routes from other provinces with 32 routes in the province. There are also 2 international transport routes (from Quang Binh province to Vientiane capital and Kham Muon Lao town), 4460 means of vehicles road and 1840 waterway transportations.

It has 3 sea ports (Hon La, Gianh and Nhat Le port)
Two National Highway  south – north come along the province (National Highway 1, Ho Chi Minh Road). National Highway 12A connects National Highway 1 with Cha Lo International gate, Laos and Thailand. 14 Provincial Road, linking economic centers, center population with national roads, creates transportation network across the province.

It is easy to visit Quang Binh, as there are many kinds of vehicle which visitors can choose for the trip.
If visitors do not have much time, you can travel by plane.  Ha Noi – Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) – Ho Chi Minh City, 3 lines per week are often on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you have more time and want to enjoy the beauty of the localities, you should use high quality car service to go to Quang Binh province. On the road, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the province before coming to Quang Binh.

Besides, you can go to Quang Binh by train. All trains, from fast ones bearing E symbol to S symbol come by Dong Hoi station (Quang Binh) so you can have a short rest before exploring the hidden charm of Quang Binh province.

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