Climate in Hoi An

The climate of Hoi An is tropical. It is warm throughout the year, and classified into two main categories namely wet and dry seasons.

The hottest moths are June and July, with a daily temperatures ascend to mid 90 F. December and January are considered the coldest months. The daily temperature in those days is just over 70 F down mid 60 F especially during the nighttime.

The rainy (or monsoon) season in Hoi An is from September to January. In this season, Hoi An ancient town is sad and quiet. At night, water from rivers overflow in the streets, the town becomes shimmery under the light of lanterns. In October and November, Bach Dang streets, along the Thu Bon River in Hoi An, are submerged in water, annually.  Many foreign visitors said that they specially like to wad pants go along the road.

The dry season is from February to May. These months provide plenty of sunshine, with warm temperatures.  The city is abundant in rainfall especially during the summer seasons but it does not last for a long time. Some lucky visitors have a chance to see three forms of the weather: rain, sun and thin cloud, happening in one day.

In flood season, Hoi An’s sky is light gray, not sunny as summer days one. Rainy weather is not as cold as Da Lat or North’s weather so people just often wear thin shirts.

The city, Thu Bon River City, attracts visitors by its friendliness. It has created a good impression for domestic and international visitors. They want to return this peaceful city in many times more. Hoi An suits your requirement along with its climatic conditions thereby ensuring you a gratifying journey.

Let travel to Hoi An and enjoy Hoi An weather, typically tropical.

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