Quang Ngai’s Climate

Quang Ngai province is located in tropical monsoon region. The province’s climate has the features of central region’s climate. The province has two seasons: The winter and the summer.
It is less cold in winter. The average temperature is 190C. In summer, the it is 280C. The highest temperature is 41.4 0C

The rainy season is from August to January of the next year. In September and October, it has the largest rain fall: about 500 to 600 mm per month. The average annual rainfall is 2,195 mm.
This is one of the provinces with high humidity. The average humidity is 85%.
The highest humidity recorded was 87 % to 90% and the lowest humidity was 34%.

Quang Ngai Province has 1,800 sunshine hours per year.
The province has hot and dry wind in summer, but not as severe as the North Central plains’ wind. Average wind speed is 2.9 m / s with the maximum wind of 40m / s.

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