Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is located in the center of Sapa Townlet, Lao Cai District, far from the Lao Cai city  about 33km. Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most attractive tourist sites in the center of Sapa town.

According to the legend dated many years ago, all animals lived together in a chaotic environment. One day Jade Emperor had gave a decision that all kind of animals had to find an area for them to live.  After hearing this decision, they beat to find a place to reside.

Three brothers of dragon who were living in a huge lake must hurried ran to the east but they could not find any  area, so then they must ran to the west  the two  older brothers ran fast so they came to the destination first.

The youngest brother ran slowly and lost the way into the crowds of the lions, tigers and big cats. The dragon opened its mouth to defend itself because they feared that these animals would attack it. At the same time, Jade Emperor’s order was no longer available so the three dragons petrified.  The two older dragons, which were waiting for their brother, face Lao Cai City, and the youngest one raising its head and opening mouth faces the Hoang Lien mountain range.

It created the name of Ham Rong (Jaw of Dragon) coming to the Hoang lien son tourists will have chance to visit the San May (Cloud Yard). From there, you can enjoy the panorama of Sapa town; visit the orchid gardens with charming and colorful flowers. There are many caves and stones in extraordinary shapes.

Another legend said that long long time ago when Sapa was a part of the ocean, two dragons went here to play. When their father called them back home only the older dragon came back while the younger lost the way so the heaven gate was closed. This dragon had to stay forever in the earth and his body turned into the mountain with his head turn towards the sky where his family was. So the mountain Ham Rong’s height is more than 1,700 meters above the sea level.

Specially, one of the outstanding features is the stone forest covered with the beautiful of cherry blossoms. The charming of Sapa is contributed by the beauty of Ham Rong Mountain with the flowers, stone, and air.

Ham Rong Mountain is an ideal site for tourists who wan to conquer a height and see the beauty of the mountain with the clouds flowing gently above and the peaches blossoming everywhere.

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