Transportations in Hoi An

Hoi An is full of transport services for tourists such as bus, taxi or train, moreover, you can also rent motorbike and bicycles to visit around Hoi An ancient town.


If tourists want to visit Hoi An by Air, you can take a flight to the Danang International Airport in Vietnam. From there you have to take a car to reach the city of Hoi An. You can also travel to the city by air by taking a flight to the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, in Ho Chi Minh City.


For visitors who  travel to Hoi An by train,  you will arrive at the Da Nang Train Station on the corner of Hai Phong and Hoang Hoa Tham streets. It takes 40 minute taxi ride to Hoi An from there.


It is about 25km far from Danang to Hoi An.  The bus is from Danang to Hoi An departures 30 minutes per trip.  


Tourists are very interested in going for walk in Hoi An, as they can feel the peculiarity of Hoi An. Most of the hotels are located in the downtown area within walking distance to restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment areas.


It is easy to hire a motorbike with a reasonable price. In case, you can not find motorbike rental areas, you can ask the “om drivers” (xe om). You just give them your ID, Passport, Card car and hotel information, then you are able to rent a motorbike.  Be sure to check the motorbike when it arrives. Usually, you will have some minutes to check it. Remember to get their mobile number to contact them easily in some urgent cases.

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