Vung Tau Overview

Vung Tau is a city in southern Vietnam. The city’s area is 177.663 sq km and population is about 242.280 people. It has coastline of 48.1 km in length. Vung Tau is a peninsula, including 13 wards and a commune Long Son.

Vung Tau city is the largest oil and gas center in Vietnam.  Petroleum industry accounts for a large share in total industrial production and has an important role in economic growth of the city. Currently, most Vietnam oil and gas productions are in Vung Tau city.

Vung Tau has an Industrial Zone (160 ha) suited in Dong Xuyen, not far from the city center.  The zone’s infrastructure systems have been completed serving – the oil and gas projects.

Vung Tau has the first seaside resort in Vietnam. In 1870, Arduzer, the first hotel in Vung Tau, was built and was a spa for the French leadership at the time. Passing many years, more bungalows and vacation homes were built. Today, Vung Tau has about 4.500 restaurants and hotels, including 18 hotels rating from one to three stars, with nearly 1.300 international standards rooms. The city is also famous for its pagodas and temples.

Facing the ocean on three sides, Vung Tau is windy all year round and has 2 distinct seasons, the rainy season from May to October and the dry from November to April. The average temperature is 28 0C.

With cool climate, long beach and harmonious temperatures, Vung Tau is an ideal holiday resort. Annually, the Vung Tau city has average of three million visitors. Trade and tourism turnover reaches 2,300 billion VND.

Coming to Vung Tau city, visitors will have opportunities to soak in a blue sea or lie under the sunshine. Tourists can also visit the charming destinations in Vung Tau or walk along the stretching and beautiful beaches.

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