Vung Tau’s Climate

Vietnam country stretches from The North to The South, with Hai Van Pass in central; therefore the two areas’ climate are very different.

While Hanoi’s weather is very cold, and people wear warm clothes, The Southern provinces namely Vung Tau has quite high temperature causing hot weather. Vung Tau’s sea is called hot one, tourists can have a bath there all year round.

Vung Tau is located in tropical monsoon zone. In general, it has two distinct seasons, the rain season occurs from May to October and the dry season is from November to April of the next year.

Vung Tau peninsula hasan average temperature of lower than the southern provinces’ temperature as Vung Tau borders the East Sea on its three faces. The average annual temperature is 27°C with a maximum of 28.6°C and a minimum of 24.8°C.

Sunshine hour is very high with annual average 2400 hours. An average humidity is over 70% in the rainy season. Its average rainfall is 1.500mm.

From May to October, it has southwest monsoon. From November to April, the northeast monsoon blows. Wind speed is strong at speed of 35km/ hour. In April and October, the wind speed is lighter.

Vung Tau is located in the little storm and rain. So it is an ideal place for organizing sports and outdoor recreation.

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