Weather in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long bay is among the favorite destinations in Vietnam. In order to choose the ideal time visiting as well as prepare the best for your promising trip to this wonder, tourists are advised to keep in mind some brief information about Ha Long Bay climate as follows.

Halong Bay’s climate is divided into two separate seasons: hot, humid in the summer with temperatures around 27-29 ° C; and cold, dry in winter with temperatures from 16 to18 ° C. The average temperature is over 21oC, while the average humidity is 84%. There can be between 90 and 170 rainy days in a year. Annual rainfall totals between 1,700 and 2,400 mm, these are mainly concentrated in the summer (more than 85%), especially in July and August, while in the dry season, from December to February, it is low  (less than 30 mm) from December to February. Comparing to other cities on the north, Ha Long has been more under the influences of Northern- east monsoons

Ha Long bay has typical diurnal tide system (tide amplitude ranges from 3.5-4m). The salinity is from 31 to 34.5MT in dry season and lower in rainy season.

The average heat radiating during a year is 115.4 Kcal/sq. cm. It is strongly influenced by the extreme intensity storms, mainly in June, July and August.

The best time to travel

Although it is possible to visit Ha long Bay year-round, please note down a piece of advice that the best time of year to visit Halong Bay is during the spring or fall. As the bay is located on the northern part of Vietnam, it gets colder in the winter and the visibility is low.  So it is difficult to go swimming or take a tour of the area.

Ha Long Bay is one of the best destinations for vacations in Vietnam. There are also full of places to go for food and entertainment. Visiting there, you can explore the hidden charm of the Bay.

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