Dai Lanh Cape

Dai Lanh cape is located in Phuoc Tan Village, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province in central Vietnam. It is a branch of the Truong Son mounts running to the sea.

The cape is called Varella after the French man who discovered it.

The French built a light house here in 1890. It operated well until 1945 and resumed operation in 1961. However, Dai Lanh-Vung Ro was a coastal military base during the Vietnam War, when it welcomed nameless ships that carried weapons for the southern battlefield. The light house was closed until 1997.

The Dai Lanh light house is 26.5 meter high from the ground and 110m over the sea level. The house has 110 wood-made stairs. The light can be seen from a distance of 27 nautical miles. This is one among 45 national light houses in Vietnam.

On the road to Dai Lanh cape, visitors see a beautiful and peaceful beach, which is named Bai Mon, with white and smooth sand washed bygentle waves,.

Standing in the light house one can enjoy the vast view of the sea.

(Source: Dan Tri)

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