Requirements for leaving Vietnam

Like traveling by plane or by boat, one important thing you should keep in mind before leaving Vietnam is: making sure that your visa is still valid on your date of exit, otherwise you will get fined by the customs office for residing in Vietnam illegally.

Vietnam Visa

In case your visa already expires on the exit date, you should urgently go directly to the nearest Immigration Office to arrange an exit visa. Another way you can do is to contact with the organization of Vietnam visa to ask for help. Surely, it can arrange exit procedure for you much simpler and cheaper than yourself coming to the Immigration Office.

In addition, please take not of the following things allowed to be brought with you on exit Vietnam

- A quantity over 300g of gold should be declared and allowed by the Government Bank (State Bank). Export permits willed be requested in case you bring along goods of commercial nature and articles of high value issued by the Customs Office. You can not bring out of the country the Antiques, some precious stones and animals listed in Vietnam’s red-book. Particularly, you are not allowed to bring out of Vietnam the followings:

- Munitions
- Explosives

- Weapons
- Drugs
- Liquor, Water (even bottled water)
- Fish sauce
- Antiques
- Live wild animals
- Rare plants
- Documents relating to national security

customs checking

As a matter of fact, once you are detected to bring along these things, the punishment by the Law executer will be very heavy for you.

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