Dos and Don’ts in Vietnam

Vietnam is regarded as a safe and beautiful country in the world.  It has special different culture, history, and style life… if you want to travel to Vietnam, you should find about Vietnam’s culture as well as people so that your trip should be smooth and trouble free.

With purpose to help you have perfect trip, there are list of advices below:


  • Vietnamese greetings are not different from western countries, there are no cultural formalities that as a foreigner you would be expected to know or practice.
  • People in Vie dress very conservatively. Especially, women are very secretive.  They wear clothes which not show off too much skin. Do not wear revealing clothing..

  • Remember to drink a lot of water, especially when walking around sightseeing.  You should carry some small water only, for huge bottles no need to carry them around, it is easy to find a vendor. Drinking two liters of water at least in summer months. It is good for increasing water if you drink tea, coffee & alcohol. It will help to dehydrate you.
  • You should travel with quality agencies. Searching your journey a little first. Some good travel blogs are , Vietnam Country where tourists can find a lot of useful Vietnam’s information before having real experiences in charming Vietnam country.
  • Remember to keep your valuable things as cash, credit cards, and airline tickets… in a safe place. Namely, room in 4- star hotels is safe place, or you can ask the reception to keep your valuable things in their deposit facility.
  • Before out of your hotel, remember to take a hotel business card from the reception desk. It is convenient for you to come back hotel in a taxi or cyclo.

  • A roll of toilet paper in your daypack on long excursions is also very necessary. You never know when you might need it!
  • When you are invited into a house, remember to remove your shoes before entering.
  • When you want to take a photo of somebody, ask for permission first.  If they do not agree, you should not do.
  • DO NOT offer money or push the issue.
  • Check on your first day whether you need to reconfirm your next flight, if so do it then. Some airlines do not require this anymore but it is still worthwhile calling them so that they at least have your contact details, in case the flight is delayed or whatever.


  • Do not carry too much money when going for a walk in the streets. Vietnamese people think that you flaunt wealth in public when you wear large amounts of jewelry and it is dangerous for you. You may become a victim of a pickpocket or drive-by bag snatcher.

  • Don’t be paranoid about your security; just be aware of your surroundings.
  • No shorts or tatty beer t-shirts when you visit pagodas. It is considered extremely rude and offensive. Remember it is the places that worship the ancestors; you should follow these pagodas’ rules.
  • When traveling ethnic minority villages, do not give empty water bottles, sweets and candies or pens to the local people. Because it is not ensure that the empty bottles will be disposed of in a correct manner, and the people have no access to dental health. When you want to give pens, ask your guide to introduce you to the local teacher and donate them to the whole community.
  • When visiting someone’s house, do not sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar.
  • Never lose your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase.
  • Never do take photographs of military installations or anything to do with the military. This can be seen as an invasion of national security.
  • You should not take video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. Do not wear a lot of jewellery because pretty crime is quite popular.  You will attract lot of curious eyes.
  • When you hire a motorbike taxi ( xe om), ensure that your bag is laid in a safe pace and easy to grab. To avoid bag snatching, you should take care of your luggage,  and  you do not put a camera or a laptop in the display spaces.
  • You should not show your love in the public, it will make other people feel uncomfortable. You just should hold hands not huge or kiss in the public places.
  • Things in Vietnam are not quite same as in your country. Don’t be paranoid about your safety; just be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not carry your passport leave it in the safe in your hotel.  You should photo your passport if local law require it, you will not meet difficulty.

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