Weather in Hanoi

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. Vietnam’s an average temperature is lower than the other Asia countries which have the same latitude. The weather in Vietnam is dictated by two monsoon seasons – the Southwest monsoon from April to September and the Northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April.

The climate of Vietnam varies considerably from region to region. It is also affected by hurricanes, floods and droughts which threaten to Vietnamese people’s life and agriculture.

Vietnam has high temperature. Annually, average temperature ranges from 22oC to 27oC. However, it differences between regions. Hanoi’s average temperature is 23oC, in Ho Chi Minh it is usually 26oC and Hue is 25oC. Some places as Dalat or Sapa the highest temperature is only 20 degrees Celsius in summer.

The monsoon also makes influences on the changes of humid. Overall, Vietnam has two seasons, a dry and a rainy season.

Ha Noi’s Weather

Hanoi has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But weather is divided into two main reasons: rainy season (from May to September), and the dry season (from October to April). The lowest temperature was recorded in 1955 (2.7oC). The highest temperature was recorded in 1926 (42.8oC). The average temperature is 23.2oC. There are 114 rainy days per year with average rainfall 1,800 mm.

Hanoi’s fall is charming as the Hanoi’s young women. It has the red color of sesame flowers, milk white of Alstonia scholaris flowers, green of willow leaves along the lake, etc.  Autumn gives our hearts serene. It’s sunlight is warm. It is very great as going for walk on the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake in autumn’s sun. These images have shown in many poems, songs and the dreams of people far from Hanoi city.

Hanoi’s winter is always associated with the leaves dropped in the roof tree on the streets. The average temperature is 17.2oC in winter. The trees’ branches are bare by the cold of winter. Besides, Hanoi is very famous for its food in winter such as roasted corn, hot “ Chao Quay”, etc.

Hanoi’s spring in Hanoi is very beautiful. The spring’s beauty is nice as dreamily beautiful, fragile.
And spring it is a special season because there is the longest holiday – Tet holiday. Tet holiday is the most important holiday in Vietnam. Tet holiday begins at the end of spring and lasts 7 days. Every people are very eager for this season.

Hanoi’s summer, the average temperature is 29.2oC. It is often very hot and dry. There are often have heavy rains in summer. Heavy rain after a hot day is the typical type of weather in Vietnam.

Required Clothing:

You should choose kind of clothes depend on the seasons. Often you should choose loose, natural fabrics, but warmer clothing is required in the winter. Rainwear is essential during the wet season.

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