Vietnam Borders Crossing

When entering Vietnam by land through the following borders , you are advised to obtained a Vietnam visa beforehand. There are two ways for getting visa before entering Vietnam: the first is you yourselves go to your nearest Vietnam Embassy . The second way is that you apply for a Vietnam visa online to have a Vietnam visa approval code by Vietnam Immigration Department, then bring this code to Vietnam Embassy and stamp your Vietnam Visa quickly and easily.

1. To Cambodia
There are three border crossings from Vietnam to Cambodia:

Moc Bai border:

Moc Bai border gate

Vinh Xuong border:

Vinh Xuong Border Gate

Tinh Bien border:

2. To China

Lao Cai – Ha Khau border
Mong Cai – Dong Hung border

Huu Nghi borders:

Tinh Bien border gate
Huu Nghi Border gate

3. To Laos

Keo Nua Pass (also known as CaU Treo):

Lao Bao:

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