Ca Tru Singing

Ca Tru is one of Vietnam traditional music. It appeared in the early sixteenth century. Although it was experienced ups and downs of history, with the characteristics of a unique art form, coordination between the shifts from and harmony vocals Ca Tru has had an important position in both Vietnam and the world.

Ca Tru singing has many names, depending on localities and times, it was also called A Dao singing. Ca Tru is tightly organized into wards. It was derived from folk songs, with some plays music and folk dance performances.

Ca tru is where poetry and music meet. In 2005, it was submitted to UNESCO for recognition as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Ca tru singing is the most enjoyable when the complete harmony between the words are sung. Its rhythm marked by a pair of small bamboo sticks held by the singer who strikes a small block of wood or bamboo called “phach”, and there are a man among the audience beating a small drum.

Ca tru, as many ancient arts, it has many forms. However, the most widely known and widely performed type of ca tru involves only three kinds: the female vocalist, lute player and a spectator.

Ca Tru singing is performed by a girl, named Dao. Not all singers name Dao but under the Ly dynasty there is a talented singer who is loved by King Ly, so the name is used for talented singers.

Until now, Ca Tru singing still exits and stirs Vietnamese soul. There are some famous Ca Tru songs such as Thu Hung, Ty Ba Hanh, Dao Hong, Dao Tuyet. You should take a chance to enjoy it.

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