Dong Ho Painting

Dong Ho Village is located at Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province.
The village with its famous paintings has become an aesthetic symbol in Vietnam Culture. The Village is situated on the banks of the Duong River. The famous folk paintings are attached to the inner life of Vietnam citizens.

Paper used in painting is smooth paper which is called Giay Do. Before printing, it is made soft. The mussels have created separate materials of Dong Ho folk painting. The paper used for the painting is made from bark tree so that it can retain color for a long time.
Artists reflect their wishes for lucks and their perception of everyday life in the village in the Dong Ho paintings. Animals are often themes of the Dong Ho painting. Besides, daily life (such as Jealous Fight or A Market Day), and folk tales (Saint Giong or The Frog Teacher) are often the topics for the artists.

Each family develops their own mold for the painting. Each mold are then replicated and filled with a separate share of color. The paintings are made by stamping the mold into the paper, one at a time to add more and more color to the picture. Until the point when the artists are happy with their art work, they pain a layer of rice paste to keep the paint from fading and then expose the paintings to the sun for dry.

Visiting to the Dong Ho painting village, tourists will have a chance to see how Dong Ho people create their art works. It is very interesting, let’s come to discovery it.

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